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Why should I go to University?

There will be many of you in school and college who are having a think about what you want to do with your life. And you’ve probably had a load of lectures of your teachers, parents and organisations about what you’re planning on doing after school and college. Many schools nowadays have a careers department full of people you can have a chat with to find out about the careers and opportunities there are in the world.  It’s great because there are jobs out there that you never new existed and something that might be for you.

When I was in high school I became obsessed with what I wanted to do as a career, I just wanted to know, you know? Like an end goal, something to strive for, it gave me a reason to work hard. I remember asking teachers, my mum, mums friends about how they found out about what they wanted to do as a job. My Art teacher shown me a website called the National Careers Service which has actually changed a lot from when I last used it, but it is an amazing tool to use if you want to browse different careers and find out what you could potentially do as a career. I was in year 10 in school when I decided I want to be a dietitian and from there I still haven’t changed my mind… Yet! The National careers service site is what I used to find out about the role of a dietitian, how much they get paid, what they do on the job and it appealed straight away.

University and your career come hand in hand.  If you know the career you want, does it require a degree, if so what is the degree you need? If you don’t know what career you want think about what University degree’s are available and will that get you a job that you love?

The key: Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day again

If there’s one piece of advice I could give to you about choosing a career is to imagine yourself in the job and not being bored that’s when you know it’s for you!

Student life is a whole new level of lifestyle as I’ve seen from my own experience and that lifestyle isn’t for everyone, I’m not even sure I’m keen on it myself if I’m being completely honest.  Other than living life as a student there are plenty of benefits of going to University.

1. Meeting amazing people

You will come across a lot of people as a student whether it people from your course, societies, parties, friends of friends.  There’s a lot! With that in mind you are bound to find a least a handful of people you share interests with, I’ve met 2 of my best friends whilst at Chester University.  Uni is known for socialising and there’s a lot to do if that’s your kind of thing, there are plenty of memories to be made…

2. To be inspired

Since going to university I find myself constantly feeling more inspired, motivated and determined to complete the goal I set out to do, but a few other things, my blog, I’ve travelled with University, I’ve done CPD awards through University to gain experience and soon to be a qualified PT. There are a lot of opportunities when you go to uni especially extra activities to up your CV and travel!

3. To increase your career profile

As said before some jobs require a degree but the great thing about university is the option to gain skills and boost your resume, you can find a job (in my first year there was one point where I had 4 part-time jobs!), volunteer, attend guest subject lectures to increase understanding of research being done on particular topics.

4. To be skilled/educated

Although, so careers do require degrees it doesn’t always specify a subject they’d prefer, so in that case if you’re not sure what you want to do it’s a good idea to go to university purely to study something of interest and be highly educated.  Education is a powerful thing to have. Nobody has an excuse not to go to uni as the government make it affordable for everyone.

5. To live independently

It’s an amazing feeling to live and depend on only yourself! When I officially moved out of my mums house I was so excited and I had so many plans of things I would do and how my routine was going to be. Living independently teaches you a lot, whether it’s organisation, money management or learning how to cook… I got you covered for that!

Personally, my university experience so far has been great! There has been ups and downs but everything that has happened so far a lesson has been learnt from it.  University is an amazing place to live out for the first time and experience independent living with a bunch of people you will meet, learn from and experience the whole thing with.

Are you going to university this year?

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Love Sian x

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