• Sian O'Dell

University Essentials shopping list

Shopping for university dorms can be  s o o o  s t r e s s f u l . . . Because you’re essentially moving out of your parents house with nothing but your clothes.  It can be quite a shopping list to write, but luckily for you I’ve done it all for you, not only your kitchen equipment but a few other bits you might want to consider when you venture out to buy!

Take me to the shops…

To get the full printable shopping list Click me

Disclaimer: All items on the list are suggestions, the list is a guide and there is no need to buy 
all items on the list. Please note some items may not be allowed in your accommodation especially 
University accommodation such as slow cookers, mini fridge etc. There may also be some items that 
you want that I haven't put on my list, as I said this is a guide, please use appropriately.

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