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Tomato, mozzarella & beetroot salad


A nice and easy simply salad, that’s filling and scrummy. I honestly love this salad because I love mozzarella, this time I added beetroot to the mix giving more flavours. You can switch up the oil dressing to something a little less heavy on the fats, like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.



Suitable for vegetarians



1 salad tomato

1/3 buffalo mozzarella

2 small beetroot

2 lettuce leaves

Handful of spinach

1 spring onion

Olive oil – Teaspoon

Sprinkle of parsley


Prep time:10 minutes

Cook time: 0 minutes

1. Tear the lettuce leaves and place as a bed of the plate along with spinach.

2. Chop the beetroot, spring onion and parsley, and slice the tomato and mozzarella.

3. Layer the mozzarella, tomato and beetroot on the lettuce bed and sprinkle over the remaining ingredients.

4. A splash of oil and black pepper to top.

Nutrient Content

Calories: 64% mozzarella, 22% oil, 7% tomatoes

Carbohydrates: 55% tomato, 17% beetroot, 9% mozzarella

Of which Sugars: 57% tomato, 16% beetroot, 9% mozzarella

Fibre: 40% tomato, 18% spinach, 12% spring onion

Protein: 85% mozzarella, 5% tomato, 3% spring onion

Fat: 66% mozzarella, 31% oil, 1% lettuce

Of which Saturates: 90% mozzarella, 9% oil

Salt: 40% mozzarella, 33% spinach, 18% beetroot

Another recipe under the belt, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Lots of love

Sian x

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