• Sian O'Dell

The Weekly Workout: Collection

Here are all of The Weekly Workout's I have ever made, each one different from the next.

The idea behind the The Weekly Workout is to have a little plan & structure to do whether it be in the gym or at home, completely equipment free (or at least something you will have at home).

I know how hard it can trying to fit fitness into a busy hectic daily life & how much you just want to go home and crash and not move...

These workouts have been designed for people who find it hard to find time to workout and only have 10-15 minutes in the day that they can fit it in. That's fine. I got you covered.

Mainly in a HIIT style workout so working more than resting (due to the nature of time) but guaranteed to target the whole body and give you a sweat for the day.

- Recommended to use in the morning -

Remember - I LOVE your feedback so when your using The Weekly Workout please comment, drop me a message or use #ptwithsian and tag @sianylouuu when posting. Have fun sweating!

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Week 3

Week 2

Week 1