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Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife!

Yay for summer! I spent a week of my early summer in north Tenerife.  I’ve never been to Tenerife before and some of my relatives go back every year if not more than once a year, and they love it! I thought we’d give it a go when I booked online in April, I was warned beforehand about the weather difference of the north and south which surprised me when I’d arrived.  As I said before I’ve never been to Tenerife or any of the Canary Islands so I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s stolen my heart!

I’ve never been on a ‘bad’ holiday and I get terrible holiday blues at the best of times.

Tenerife is a volcano island, the volcano is just off centre of Tenerife with its culture all the way around it spreading all the way to the coasts.  Something I found whilst staying over there, the sea is SO therapeutic, I’m very jealous of all the lucky people who live next to the coast of any country, as I’m from Manchester the nearest spot of sea I get is Southport or Blackpool both being a good hour and a half away, so sad!

I like to explore my surroundings I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to a different country to simply sit by the pool and sun bathe, don’t get me wrong I understand for some people that is the point of going away to relax.  The day I arrived I went into the town and booked onto a few trips to explore the beautiful Tenerife.

The next day I had a day trip tour of the volcano and a few other gorgeous spots of the Island.  The weather was very cloudy, not cold but so many clouds filled the sky, on our way up the mountain it was like being on the aeroplane again the clouds were suddenly below us and the sky was clear as crystal with the warmth of the bright sun, it was so stunning.  I was surprised, the volcano itself is HUGE and we were miles away, and the land surrounding it is very rocky and desert like.  I then travelled down south to a place called Masca, on the coast of the south, the rocky hills all the way down to the beach which I couldn’t actually see, Masca is full of tropical plants and curly winding roads, the locals reckon people sneaked into Tenerife from Masca as you can’t see the beach, but you can see Masca from the beach.  Later on in the Trip we went to Garachico which used to be the Capital of Tenerife before an eruption of the volcano which destroyed the town.

Over the weekend I visited Loro Parque, now I’d heard some things about this Zoo and it has not failed to live to those expectations, it was amazing! You can’t really go wrong if you like animals really, but the whole set up was so easy and quite adventurous.  I saw the Whale, Dolphin, Sea-lion and Parrot shows, I have to say the Dolphins were probably my favourite.  And my dreams of swimming with dolphins were heightened so much! One of my favourite bits was finding all of the metal Statues of the different animals that are dotted about the site.  Favourite animal: (Other than the dolphins) The white Tigers, you can see a post of my Instagram of them, they’re so beautiful and prestigious.

The final excursion I went on was a boat trip, last year in Turkey I went on a few boat trips and its honestly a fabulous experience, if you like the sea anyway, (maybe not if you’re sea sick!), the good bit about the boat I was in is that it had a glass bottom, as it were especially for dolphin and whale watching, probably the best invention ever! Whilst on the boat I obviously spotted the Dolphins and Whales, I was surprised how many there were, and stopped for an all-inclusive lunch under Masca.  It was so sunny in the south and for all of the boat trip as it went around west of the island, and luckily brought back some of the sun with us to the north.

Towards the end of our trip I did a spot of shopping in the centre of town and I found a shop called Love & Paradise which I adored! If I had the money I would have bought every item in the place, it was a clothing shop with loads of a cute things I wanted one of everything!  From my Ski trip with Uni in December I decided postcards were going to be my thing, so I also bought myself a little postcard as a souvenir.

I love that feel when you go on holiday when you get too warm you can just dive in a pool or the sea to cool off, that’s probably one of my favourite things about holidays, especially summer holidays!

I miss you Puerto De La Cruz you were amazing! Thanks for having me!

Sian x

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