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My Bullet Journal experience

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be about organisation, because you know, I’m a bit too obsessed. At the end of July I was going to buy a new notebook for something else I decided needed to be logged, it came across my mind that I have way too many notebooks and everything needs to be in one place. First of all it was a blog planner, then it came to a to do list maker, which then developed in to a fitness tracker. So I did my research and found The Ultimate Bullet Journal. That you organise and plan and draw and write everything into one. I fell in love. I started at the beginning of August and I haven’t stopped using it since it’s a fabulous invention. So for you guys who don’t know much about Bullet Journals it’s essentially a notebook that you can jot down anything you want whether it be an email address or a shopping list. It acts as a artistic getaway however creative you are. Some of the things I keep track off is my skin care routine and exercise tracker, also reading and mood of the day etc.

There’s simply 3 rules to this journal logging business

1. Buying a notebook that is right for you – you’d be surprised at how many there actually is out there! From lined, to squares and dots. And then sizes… Madness. I went for the easy plain papered, hard-backed, from WHSmith. 2. Stationary, nice pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers etc. Help you get creative and make your planner your own whether it’s a thought jotter and scruffy or all pretty precise and perfect, the choice be yours. 3. You decide what goes into it! – A daily/ weekly/ monthly to do list, incorporating working life into it, managing money, health and exercise tracker. It’s actually quite fun believe it or not!

Hoping this was of some help to those of you who maybe struggle with organising your time or have possibly thought about keeping a bullet journal before. It’s honestly changed the way I work now for the better, it’s effective for the things I keep it for.

Have I convinced you yet? Aha!

Sian x

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