• Sian O'Dell

Mixed bean filled tortilla

Got something a little bit different today, so as I am super super into cooking and baking (and eating) I thought I might put up a few easy peasy recipes for lunches, breakfast and dinner and maybe some snacks and stuff, they are all super healthy and super yummy!  Are suited to vegetarians too!

Mixed bean wraps are a lunch option that is really easy and inexpensive.

So you are going to need:

1 Tortilla wrap Swish of Chipolata Sauce A few leaves of Gem Lettuce 3 Tbsp Mixed Beans in Tomato sauce Sprinkle of Grated Cheese 2 halved Cherry Tomatoes 1 Spring onion

The photo’s are quite self-explanatory that’s why I have put an explanation, hope you enjoy, and you can also change the ingredients as and when it suits – I do this all the time!  Below I’ve just put what I had with it some fruit, biscuits and cashew nuts.

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