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Leeds fest!

Leeds!  All very exciting twas twas, can I just say this photo is probably… well definitely not the best! But I look so proud, Leeds and Reading Festival was absolutely amazing, although I cheated and stayed in a nearby… Or not so nearby Hotel (you will find out soon).

So my day started with me waking up late, breaking my phone (no idea how!) almost missing the train having to spend a fortune on taxi fare and almost… Almost… Forgetting my Camera! So I legged it back got my camera and missed the bus, great right?  My first festival was, dare I say, the most spontaneous trip I have ever been on, as I am every organised and like to know what’s happening when and where, Leeds Fest was not any of these things, I winged most of it.  After the morning I had I’d lost hope to care, so I didn’t know, once we’d got into Leeds how to go from the train station to the coach station some how with a broken phone I didn’t have much hope, I followed people with wellies which seemed to do the trick! So after queuing for a good 40 minutes and lunch included, I got the shuttle bus straight to the Festival.

After arriving, woohooooo! I got in past alllll the security and everything I finally got to it and constantly checking my tag to see whose on and when.  I watched sooo many good acts, favourites being Kendrick Lamar (sh-amazing) All time Fave! Some more included Jamie T, Fekky, 99 Souls, The Gaslight Anthem, BBK, and The Libertines.  Libs I got crushed, literally at the front touching the railing bar and got shoved  everywhere so I ended up leaving and watching BBK, by which time I was falling asleep standing up… I’m guessing this is why drugs and alcohol are taken to festivals, but it’s not my 'thing'.  Kendrick on the other hand, I was a good distance to start with and the people started moving so I dashed to the front and I felt like I could touch him ( I couldn’t, haha).

As You can see from a few of the photo’s this Hotel was blinking fancy, a treck from the festival but I was so lovely- and expensive but worth it. But next time I will probably stay in a B&B in Leeds centre as it worked out to be easier although I didn’t know this at that time but you learn by mistakes, right?  The room was gorgeous, mine was called Dandelion, that touch of elegance you see. 

Day 2, hat and sunglasses at the ready, raring to go for All Time Low at 4.35pm with my t-shirt I bought the day before.  It was such a chilled day and so nice, the atmosphere was buzzing and literally people everywhere, but it was so good.

Panic! Were fab and the did a cover of Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody and I loved it, I felt a bit of a loser cause I weren’t in the crowd I was near the boundary fence so I was dancing and everyone else was just watching so… All Time Low was the reason I went to Leeds and I’m surprised I didn’t cry, I wanted to see them about 4 years ago, but my friends at the time didn’t know who they were and I regret so much not going! They’re so funny to watch too always joking and laughing and really crowd interactive which is always fun.

So sad to of gone home but I won’t forget any of it I’m super excited about next year too, Planning on going all out and camping too!  I would never have expected a festival to be so draining and it really took it out of me well and truly- And I didn’t even drink!

Tips for next time:-

1. Don’t take a bag, I was literally paranoid the whole time!

2. Be organised or you’ll have to fork out loads of money for random stuff

3. Sunglasses and festival hats are a MUST – But I lost my hat

4. Tags for stages are essential or you’ll just be wondering around not having a clue

5. Photo’s, I think I’m just weird and like having trillions of photo’s to look through after a trip or something but I always have my camera and I will continue to, too.

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