• Sian O'Dell

Happy New Year 2018

Who is ready for 2018?!

It’s finally, finally here, a feel like a new start has been coming for a long time and now it feels like all the bad can be left in 2017 and the great can continue with us on our journey. It’s about about reflection, learning from your mistakes, learning from your decisions and how to correct them. And being completely selfish, sometimes you have to be if it’s your happiness that’s at stake, do everything for you, learn how to make yourself happy and remove the negativity.

I’m usually all about new years resolutions, but this year I feel like it’s a continuation of the things I have already been doing. Although I have lots of plans for 2018 and goals, I intend to keep on top of everything I’ve set out to do.

My resolutions

To take all the opportunities throw my way. There’s a lot of things I wish to accomplish before I finish University luckily I have another 2 year to complete them

1. Travel as much as I possible can, I’m planning on taking a few solo trips away too at some point.

2. Savings! I have done so well in the past year at organising my savings and spending without it hurting my purse, so I want to maintain this.

3. So I joined the gym at the beginning of December and I love it, I want to get a bit more involved in sports again so I’m going to carry on with gym and join more societies at uni!

4. I want to do NEW things, things I haven’t done before I guess this coincides with taking opportunities but here we go. One thing for sure is to take a photography course, because I just love my camera so much.

5. Being organised, I have seemed to master my own style of organisation so I need this to come to 2018 with me.

6. There are so many things I want to learn to do, I call them ‘my mini projects’, things like learning to sign, speaking Spanish, learning to play the guitar, etc. These are things I’ve been meaning to do for a while so what a better way to start now…

So what’s happening in your 2018? Have you set new years resolutions?

Wishing the best for a happy & successful 2018

Love Sian x

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