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DIY Room Décor

Good afternoon people! Over the next few weeks I’m doing a series of posts featuring the DIY I have done in my room at University, so be sure to check them out

As you may already know I’m now at University, Whoop! and I’m now getting to the point where I’m really settling in and getting to grips with everything and used to being ‘an independent woman’. I’m super impressed with my room because it’s my style and my stuff, quite roomy if you like, so today I’ve been doing a bit of non-permanent decorating. This stuff doesn’t leave marks, holes, stains and anything bad you might be fined for.

When I first found my room in the house I’m living in, it was all over the place, the furniture was arranged so wrongly and the walls were as bare as anything. If I’m honest I hated it, and all I could think was this is going to be MY room for the next year. A few days in a rearranged and started unpacking the rest of my things that I brought and it grew on me a little. And with the final finishing touches to it has actually made the whole room.


- Coloured paper

- Blue Tack

- Scissors

- Circle Shape (to draw around)

- Pencil

What to do

1. Get your circle and draw around them onto the coloured paper of your choice, do this on all the sheets, I did 5 circles on 6 different sheets. If you wall is big do more, if you want them clustered do more , if not do less.

2. Once you’ve got them cut around the circles and put them into colour co-ordinated piles.

3. Stick on a little blue tack on the side you drew the circle.

4. Stick each circle one by one from each pile, don’t put all the pink and all the orange at once, this way you can spread each colour out evenly.

It’s as simple as that, and looks very creative and artistic and adds a ‘spot’ of colour (excuse the pun, I’m awful). Hope that’s a little inspo for you on this lovely Friday afternoon.


Siany x

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