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Yes, I am now back blogging again for good! As I haven’t posted since January, so, I sincerely apologise and I promise it won’t happen again. I was scrolling through Facebook t’other day and noticed it had been 1 whole year since I’d started my blog and decided it’s time to get back on the road. It was never that I wanted to stop, just these past months have been draining.

So lets update…

For the past 6 months I have been studying for my A-Level exams and sat them in June, to cut the story short it was a bloody lot of hard work and crying and more crying, anyway I didn’t have time for the blog anymore (cries more), but the hard work always pays off!

Since college was over, my summer began early at the end of June, I had booked a holiday away to Hisaronu, Turkey. Flying on my birthday 28th and only a few days after my exams had completely finished. Plus, I got a super good tan, like better than I have ever got before – ever. On the night I got to the hotel was the night the Istanbul incident happened which was so unfortunate but so lucky I wasn’t affected at all, which actually made me realise how big the country is.

I had my first Turkish bath at our hotel and it was absolute blisss! I would really recommend it plus it’s very cultural, if that’s the sort of thing you like doing, I totally do! In the 11 days in Turkey I went paragliding over the Blue Lagoon which was literally the best thing I’ve done, it was spectacular and felt like it wasn’t real in a way, my flying partner was called Leo he was so sweet, I remember in the van on the way up the mountain it was way too hot and no air conditioning and it just kept going up and up and up and the road was so curvy and I thought I might tipple of the edge. When we eventually got to the top we got the gear on and literally ran of this slope that was so steep and then flew off the edge, that was the most nerve-racking bit about it all. But apart from that… Boat Trips, Cruising, Shopping, Sunset seeing and sight seeing was all that the holiday consisted of, as well as spending time in the hotel and going out at night.

As I’d turned 18, I felt the need to have a party, so my birthday celebration was before I went away at my house it was family-friendsy based and I have to say I didn’t even drink and had an awesome time. Just goes to show alcohol doesn’t always set up the party! Everyone who was there all enjoyed every minute of it as well. I must say I have the best supporters.

Back in April I sat my second driving test which I passed, and my car has been a life saver ever since that day… I drive a little silver Nissan Micra called Nelly, Nelly the Nissan. I think learning to drive at 17 is something everyone should certainly give a go even if you don’t take to it. For a lot of people cost is the issue and the killer but if you ever get the opportunity to try, honesty do it I saved up for all my car stuff at 14 because I so badly wanted to drive and I did it! Plus once you have your licence you have it for life so GO FOR IT!!!!

My family and I took part in an Exchange trip through our local leisure centre with a German family who live in Kandel, Germany. Tom, my brother had met the family last year when he went to visit but I hadn’t. At the beginning of August, the boy, Moritz, came to stay with us for the week which was fun. And at the end of August I went over to Germany to stay with them which was beautiful. Myself and Delphine, the mother, were like mother and daughter ourselves, we clicked so well and both of us got very emotional even after the 4 days I was there for. The trip was to celebrate the 50 years of the Twin Town Partnership between Whitworth, England and Kandel, Germany. Everyday was 95 Degrees which was surprising and I cannot wait to go back there to see them all. I’ve been inspired to speak a bit of German myself.

Between the German exchanges, me, Grannie and Tom went to Scotland to visit Family in Glasgow for a few days we went to Loch Lomond, watching the dog races – which didn’t at all go well for me because out of the 8 races all my dogs didn’t even make 3rd place, so at least I’ll never become a gambler because that’s put me off – and shopping and spent wayyy tooo muuchh butttt…. It was lovely to get away and see something new and spend good time with family we haven’t seen for a while.

This September I am also going to University, as I got my A-Level results back in August so I am now going to the University of Chester to study Nutrition and Dietetics, and in 4 Years time will hopefully become a qualified Dietician. I am planning on doing more Uni based posts in the near future too, so keep an eye out!

Now in present time, all that is on my mind is MONEY. I haven’t been working that much due to all the trip away I’ve been having and my purse has really felt it. Where it’s left me feeling really unmotivated and miffed off if I’m honest. I think I’ve developed a shopping addiction over these few months, I cannot stop browsing! For anything and everything even if it’s not that relevant. However one huge purchase I have been debating about it my camera, I want to upgrade from a Bridge to a DSLR, but that means my purse is really going to hate me soooo I’m going to have to wait. Like my mum always said it’s a want not a need…

Over the past 9 months this is a round about of what I’ve been up to, now to think of it I’ve been pretty busy! And I have so much more planned I’ve really, really missed blogging and I have so much planned for the next few months!

Hope you enjoyed see you all soon.

Sian X

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