• Sian O'Dell

A venture to Scotland

Scotland! I went to Scotland for the weekend for University open days and luckily I have family in Glasgow. So we stayed at auntie Pamela’s, I haven’t been to visit for almost 5 years and I’m not kidding the house was exactly the same and it brought back so many memories and I love it!

So we went especially for universities we went to Glasgow Caledonian and Queen Margaret in Edinburgh, and I absolutely loved both of them, Edinburgh was my fave, it’s so modern and beautiful the grounds itself are really lovely and there was a pond at the bottom with Swans.

I actually forgot to bring my camera! It’s a first trust me I am attached to that thing so I had a little moan and got over the fact I would have to use my phone.I really love Scotland and I would love to see my family more often so at the moment Edinburgh is now my priority.   And I can’t wait for my university experience.

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