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21 things to do before my 21st Birthday

This is a relatively new phrase that has popped around here and there, especially when it comes to milestone birthdays. So I sat down, contemplated life and decided what I wanted to achieve before my birthday comes around. As a late June baby I still have a little more time to get cracking with a few of these goals of mine. But the concept of 21 before 21 I love, because not only does it give me the chance to conquer some things I've been thinking of for a while but I makes you think what it is you want from the here and now.

With a large amount of inspirational research I've finally got my 21 list, beginning after my last exam 29th May with hope to complete before June 28th.

My list:

1. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day.

2. Climb Mount Snowden in North Wales (find it first-Mum).

3. Find a spot with zero light pollution to star gaze & bring snacks too.

4. Run (my 2nd) half marathon & beat the time from 2018.

5. Post my 1st YouTube video.

6. Make Chinese steamed dumplings.

7. Have 1 week off social media (including uninstalling apps.

8. Watch a comedian live.

9. Plan a road trip to the Lake District.

10. Buy my first house.

11. Master a headstand.

12. Begin the planning/writing phase of my first cookbook.

13. To have a solid business idea and plan when to implement it.

14. Understand and speak basic Arabic Language.

15. Get lost in a whole book.

16. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant.

17. Go on a motorbike.

18. Go to a country I've never been to.

19. Start a new savings goal.

20. Make something pretty.

21. Have a set career path in mind.

I've tried to stay fairly focussed with my list in terms of trying to get a balance of career, personal, financial and technical goals and importantly doing things I've never done before!

If you're struggling with coming up with any, try splitting them into themes:

1. Travel & sightseeing

2. Career devlopment

3. Financial goals

4. Sport or fitness

5. Personal achievements

6. Entertainment

What would be on your list?

Sian x

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