• Sian O'Dell

10 Ways to sleep better at night

Recently I have been ridiculously stressed and worked up about lots and lots of things it seems and I’ve found it’s actually affecting my ability to fall asleep quite a lot, which is very VERY strange for me, usually my head hits the pillow and I’ve gone.

I’m no expert! – These are some things that have worked for me and I thought I’d share them in-case some of you are having the same issues. – Hope they help!

1. Change your duvet regularly

Sometimes we underestimate the small things, clean and fresh sheets are the best way to get all snugly after a long hard day, it’s the best when you’ve had a hot bath or shower with comfy pj’s on to get tucked into.

2. You can never have too many pillows

Personally I’ve had a phases with pillows sometimes I can do with one and recently I need 6, it varies, but it’s best especially if you sleep alone to angle them into a triangle, then when you’re asleep you can toss and turn all you like but there’s always a pillow to lie on.

3.Setting the mood

Before you get in bed we need to put everything right first of all, as soon as you get up make your bed, it’s a pain trust me I know! But you’ll thank me later when you come home and it’s ready for you for later.  Also candles, of course Apart from a beautiful smell in your room, it sets an atmosphere with the light and flickering. A light lamp, I very rarely use the main light in the room because the dimmer light from the lamp helps to set that night-time vibe for me.


Herbal teas, brews, hot chocolates, whatever it is you fancy a lovely warm drink is perfect to go hop in bed with. A drink in general helps me settle in, however I’d avoid coffee because the whole point is to get to sleep not to be up all night.

5. Read

Reading helps a lot, whether it’s a magazine, book, the newspaper, I can feel when I’m getting tired cause my eyes drop and feel all floaty and before you know it the book is down and you’re asleep.

6.A movie

Why not watch a film, this is an excellent distraction from any thoughts you might be thinking about or how rubbish work is going to be tomorrow, because of the length of films anyway I find myself asleep before it’s finished anyway.

7.Escape your thoughts

Sometimes if you’ve a bad day or bad week for that instance, putting your thoughts aside can make all the difference, don’t get me wrong it’s hard to do that but I always imagine a blank piece of paper and just staring into it, sounds crazy but my thoughts disappear.

8.Warm enough?

Make your not too cold, I am always cold for some reason and my feet are usually the coldest, but I’ve found it is impossible to sleep with cold feet! Grab some slipper socks, hot water bottle or extra blanket and get warm. Although sometime you can’t sleep if were too cold either so find what is best for you, it might be good to sleep with the window open or on the latch.

9.Tidy Room is a tidy mind

In general your house is your home and you want to come home to a relaxing place – the best thing after a rubbish day! If it’s not and you forgot to do the washing up and you remember you have to do this and that, it’s impossible to relax. Tidy up time!

10.Sleep time meditation videos

I tried this and it was fantastic! All my thoughts got the better of me and I couldn’t fall asleep even when I’d tried my hardest. Youtube it, there’s tonnes of meditation videos and they’re great when putting you to bed with a clear mind. Sometime the video’s can be led and other times just music work out what is best for you.

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