A student dietitian here to show you how to make quick, healthy & tasty budget food. 
Each one of my recipes has: 
1. Full nutrient breakdown - so you know exactly what you're eating
2. Some of your 5 a day
3. Cost per serving & cooking tips along the way!
Let's explore...
Get food & fit inspired
What makes 

This is what makes me different...

A student dietitian, fitness coach & food blogger. 

I love food and cooking, sharing my recipes and other foodie tips is all what I'm about. Each of my recipes are broken down just to show you the ease of nutrition, along with price to show how inexpensive it is to be healthy. 

 I want to show people how easy it is to cook beautiful meals that are cheap, easy AND healthy - trust me it's easy! Same goes for exercise, nobody said you have to join a gym & workout for hours to be fit, moving a little more every day can improve your health, so here's to the simplicity of food & fitness.

- Let's keep things simple -

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The Weekly Workout is something I'm featuring on my Instagram every Monday morning. Designed for those who hard it hard to fit a workout into your daily lives and those who maybe need some fit-spriation... 

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